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Musical Morgue Review: Transylvania 90210 by Wednesday 13

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Transylvania 90210 cover

'Transylvania 90210' Review

Listen up Deadites!  Gruesome Joe here with the latest installment of the Musical Morgue, right here on Rotting Flesh Radio.

This episode marks a very special milestone in the history of Rotting Flesh Radio—the 200th episode!  You heard me right Deadites! 200 episodes ago, on October 7 2005, Jonathan Johnson kicked off Rotting Flesh Radio featuring an interview with Leonard Pickel of Haunted Attraction Magazine and a slew of rockin’ tracks that would lay down the foundation for many, many more episodes to come.

(clip from RFR original episode)

And starting the entire swath of musical madness was the very appropriate track “Rot For Me” by Wednesday 13 from the album Transylvania 90210.

(“Rot For Me” clip)

It almost seems like a beckoning, doesn’t it?  Sit back, relax, and rot away…

(“Rot For Me” clip)

Haha… Well, at any rate, I thought it would be fun to go through this album and highlight a few of my favorite tracks and take us all back to 2005.

The album starts off with a nice, predominantly ambient track, quickly setting the mood as if in an old horror movie.

(“Post Mortem Boredom” clip)

However, this calming eerie track is soon blown out of the water by the very driving track “Look What the Bats Dragged In.”  This song sets the real mood of the album almost instantaneously—we know we’re in for a loud, high-tempo album full of gore and metal.

(“Look What the Bats Dragged In” clip)

The third track of the album is actually my favorite, entitled “I Walked With A Zombie.”  This track in particular exemplifies the thrashing, pop-metal vibe that Wednesday 13 really nailed in their follow-up album Fang Bang with the songs “American Werewolves in London” and “Till Death Do Us Party.”  This is one of those songs that you can’t help but rock along with, no matter how hard you try not to.

(“I Walked With A Zombie” clip)

The next track “Bad Things” is a rather hilarious song about wanting terrible things to happen to someone.  I found this track nice to listen to while I was at work dealing with some frustrating clients.  The next track “House By The Cemetery” features some really driving guitar work with a very prominent synthesizer accompaniment and is followed by the multi-elemental track “Haunt Me.”  This track runs hot and cold, soft and quiet, and uses the music as a nice accentuation to his actual lyrics.

(“Haunt Me” clip)

Next is the title track of the album “Transylvania 90210,” which starts off soft with a fairly mellow electric guitar and later incorporates a synthesizer line that carries the entire length of the song.  This song is actually very different from all previous tracks, because it is fairly quiet and doesn’t use any drums or distorted guitars.  This naturally doesn’t last very long, because then we’re thrashed into the next track “I Want You…DEAD.”

(“I Want You…DEAD” clip)

The next track is a pretty funny Christmas tune actually, well—you could consider it to be a Christmas tune anyway.  It’s called “Buried By Christmas.”  Chances are you won’t hear this one on the radio, but it is pretty good in my opinion.  The following track “Elect Death For President” keeps things a bit tongue-in-cheek by using very strange saxophone accents with a heavy metal underbelly.

(“Elect Death For President” clip)

This next track is a Rotting Flesh Radio favorite, “Rot For Me.”  This driving metal track was reminiscent of an anthem for me, especially during their chorus and drum solo.  This song would undoubtedly rock seriously hard in a live environment!  The following track is very similar in that it would get a crowd going crazy.  The song, entitled “The Ghost of Vincent Price” is a nice tribute to the legendary Vincent Price and makes note of several of his best known films.  I think it could have been pretty cool to add some sort of ambient audio content that featured some of his famous lines…  But hey, maybe they just couldn’t get the rights.

(“The Ghost of Vincent Price” clip)

So overall, I give this album one bloody stump as a great high-octane metal album that will more than likely make you chuckle, and will also get your feet tapping.  It didn’t have the song style that I enjoy as much, like on Fang Bang, but the album is definitely solid and is worth checking out.  You can get it at mega retailers like Amazon and the like, and you can check out their official “gravesite” at

And speaking of my bloody stump ratings, I figured now would be a good time to officially decree that Rotting Flesh Radio gets two bloody stumps way, way up for being the best source of news and information within the haunted attraction and horror industry.  A big thank you goes out to everyone listening, everyone supporting, and everyone producing Rotting Flesh Radio week after bloody week.  And a special thank you goes out to Jonathan for creating the best horror podcast out there, and congratulations on your 200th episode!

Well Deadites, that about does it for this week here in the Morgue. Be sure to tune is next time—I’m sure I’ll have more great tunes you’ll want to add to your collection.  Also be sure to check out to check out the written version of my review, as well as all the links you need to find the bands and music you hear on the show. I’m Gruesome Joe and I’ll be chilling out here in the morgue, waiting for you… until next time…